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The Dunn Foundation

"Working Together to Change the World" 

The Dunn Foundation

The Dunn Foundation, a 501c3, non-profit organization based in the Washington, DC area and Los Angeles, started in 2006 by Dr. William Dunn. Dunn who grew up a troubled youth between Virginia and New York City, was once told by a high-school principal "he wasn't going to amount to nothing." Dunn was a troubled youth involved in gang activity, losing three of his close friends before he was 21. It wasn't until Dunn became involved in sports when his life turned around; Dunn was an all-around athlete excelling in basketball, football, track and boxing. Dunn was a Golden Gloves boxing champion and won three state boxing titles as a teenager and went to college on basketball scholarship. Dunn was the captain of the team his senior year at Longwood University where he set seven individual and team records.  After his short stint of chasing professional basketball Dunn joined the military to play All-Army basketball only to be deployed to Iraq ending his professional basketball career.  Dunn then went on to coaching basketball, football, mentoring and recruiting as his way of being a voice of hope and resource of support for families and communities. 


Dunn not only beat the odds by graduating from high school despite having a challenging childhood, but Dunn also went on to receive his associates, bachelors, master's and doctorate degree proving you can be better than the negative environment you are around.

Dunn has gone on to become a best-selling author, motivational-speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and recently received the

2024 Joseph Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Service

"Its Not About How You Start In Life, Its What You Do With That Start in Your Life"

-Dr. William Dunn

Dunn and his wife, Valarie are one of the few African American husband and wife to study and receive their doctorate degrees together in front of their five children: Taylor, Tay, Tahj, Tamir and Taevon. Dunn and his wife, Valarie wanted to show their children that growth and learning never ends.

Drs. William and Valarie Dunn both entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and educators know how it feels to raise children with limited financial resources. They also know that "you don't have to look like you have a need to have a need" and they are deeply committed to helping families in any way they can. They also want to show their family and friends that there is power is giving when working together. 


The Dunn Foundation, along with support of family, friends, sponsors and donors have been able to provide over 10,000 families with free resources over the past 10 years. With the help of their many partners The Dunn Foundation helped over 3,000 families during the pandemic year.


The Dunn Foundation is a family foundation that provide year-round initiatives such as The Dunn Foundation Free HBCU College Experience Tour, Annual Back to School Giveaway, Annual Turkey Giveaway providing over 600 families each year with a free turkey and sides. In addition, The Dunn Foundation host an Annual Warming Hearts for the Homeless Initiative, where they provide hundreds of individuals with a book bag that includes blankets, gloves, hats, scarfs, hand-warmers and snacks every year on Christmas Day at So Others Might Eat Homeless Feeding site in Washington, DC.


Dunn said he will never forget his roots and the value of helping others. The Dunn Foundation believes that providing people with resources of support not only puts a smile on their faces, but it also gives them "hope" which is the first step toward getting pass life's challenges.


"Once You Have a Sound Mind and Sound Body You Can't Lose."

-Dr. William Dunn

"Adidas Sound Mind Sound Body Tour, 2016"

The Dunn Foundation programs has connected with people all across the United States and over 32 countries across the world to include: Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Israel, South Korea, Italy, Puerto Rico, Uganda, Jamaica, Netherlands, France, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Finland, Poland, Malaysia, Thailand, Albania, China, Venezuela, Colombia, Napal, Germany and Kenya

"Thank You for Helping Us Help Someone Else"- The Dunn Foundation 

1-20-2024 Presidential Award DC- The Family Photo II.JPG

Dr. Dunn and family, after receiving the Joseph Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony 


The Dunn Foundation Annual
HBCU Experience College Tour 2024 

The Dunn Foundation host an annual FREE college tour each year during Black History Month providing high school students with their first experience on a college campus, students get a chance to learn about the historical black college/universities' history and culture. The goal is to provide students with an experience where they can see and hear from students who have similar stories and backgrounds.

"We want each student to believe......They Can Go to College Too."

Over 200 high school students have attended college as a result of this tour.

* Sponsors: The Dunn Foundation, Maryland Physicians Care, Photos by Douley,  Hxnchomedia, The Bell Brand, Chick Fil-A 

HBCU College Tour MSU 2024-Image 22.jpg
Turkey Giveaway-2023.jpg

The Dunn Foundation started providing families with a free turkey for Thanksgiving back in 2012 to
address community food insecurities and to provide some relief during the holidays. Each year The Dunn Foundation and partners  
provide over 700 families
with a free turkey, sides and drink 
for Thanksgiving.
Over 3,000 families have received a free turkey for Thanksgiving.