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The Dunn Foundation

"Working Together to Change the World" 

The Dunn Foundation

The Dunn Foundation, a 501c3, non-profit organization started in 2006 by Dr. William Dunn. Dunn who grew up a troubled youth between Virginia and New York City, was once told by a high-school principal "he wasn't going to amount to nothing." Dunn was a troubled-youth involved in gang activity, losing three of his close friends before he was 21. It wasn't until Dunn became involved in sports when his life turned around; Dunn was an all-around athlete excelling in basketball, football, track and boxing. Dunn was a Golden Gloves boxing champion and won three state boxing titles as a teenager and went to college on basketball scholarship. Dunn was the captain of the team his senior year at Longwood University where he set seven individual and team records.  After his short stint of chasing professional basketball Dunn joined the military to play All-Army basketball only to be deployed to Iraq ending his basketball career.  Dunn then went on to coaching basketball, football, mentoring and recruiting as his way of being a voice of hope and resource of support for families and communities. 


Dunn not only beat the odds by graduating from high school despite having a challenging childhood, Dunn went on to receive his associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate degree (s) proving that in life "it's not about how you start, it's what you do with that start.

Dunn has went on to become a best-selling author, motivational-speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist.

Dunn and his wife, Valarie are one of the few African American husband and wife to study and receive their doctorate degrees together in front of their five children: Taylor, Tay, Tahj, Tamir and Taevon. Dunn and his wife, Valarie wanted to show their children that growth and learning never ends.

Drs. William and Valarie Dunn both entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and educators know how it feels to raise children with limited financial resources. They also know that "you don't have to look like you have a need to have a need" and they are deeply committed to helping families in any way they can. They also want to show their family and friends that there is power is giving when working together. 


The Dunn Foundation, along with support of family, friends, sponsors and donors have been able to provide over 10,000 families with free resources over the past 10 years. With the help of their many partners The Dunn Foundation helped over 3,000 families during the pandemic year.


The Dunn Foundation is a family foundation that provide year-round initiatives such as The Dunn Foundation Free HBCU College Experience Tour, Annual Back to School Giveaway, Annual Turkey Giveaway providing over 700 families each year with a free turkey and sides. In addition, The Dunn Foundation host an Annual Warming Hearts for the Homeless Initiative, where they provide hundreds of individuals with a book bag that includes blankets, gloves, hats, scarfs, hand-warmers and snacks every year on Christmas Day at So Others Might Eat Homeless Feeding site in Washington, DC.


Dunn said he will never forget his roots and the value of helping others. The Dunn Foundation believes that providing people with resources of support not only puts a smile on their faces, it also gives them "hope" which is the first step toward getting pass life's challenges.


"It's not about how you start in life; it's about how you finish in life."

Dr. William Dunn

"Adidas Sound Mind Sound Body Tour"

The Dunn Foundation
Annual Back -to- School Free 
Bookbag & Supplies
Drive-Thru Event 2023
was a huge success.
The Dunn Foundation provided over 1,000 students with a free bookbag and supplies for school.

The Dunn Foundation Annual Back-to-School 2023-group photo.JPG

The Dunn Foundation

Father's Day Initiative

The Dunn Foundation, Radio One and Warner Records partnered to provide "Meat for the Streets" 

A winner was provided with a $250 Gift Card and copy of the best-selling book, 

Broken Wings II; Inspirational Quotes for your Soul 

- Dr. William Dunn

The Dunn Foundation

Mother's Day Initiative

The Dunn Foundation and Radio One partnered to provide "Money for Mommy" 

Each day a winner was announced provided with a $50 Gift Card and copy of the best-selling book,

Pieces of a ​Perfect Man: A Woman's Guide to Peace vs. a Piece 

- Dr. Valarie Dunn

The Dunn Foundation host an annual free HBCU Experience college tour for high school students

 each year during Black History Month. 

Students were able to ride a charter bus and tour a HBCU campus experiencing the college culture. 

The Dunn Foundation

"Annual HBCU Experience"

College Tour 2023


This year we toured Bowie State University providing over 50 students with an HBCU experience.

The Dunn Foundation 

Annual Warming Hearts for the Homeless

Holiday Initiative 2022

The Dunn Foundation Annual Warming Hearts for the Homeless Initiative partnered with 

(S.O.M.E) So Others Might Eat homeless feeding site in Washington DC to provide 250 bookbags of warming items (blankets, gloves, hand warmers, hats, socks) to be handing out on Christmas Day.

The Dunn Foundation Annual Free Turkey Giveaway 2022

The Dunn Foundation Annual Free Turkey Giveaway was a huge success this year

The Dunn Foundation provided almost 800 families with a free turkey and sides for Thanksgiving this year at (3) separate locations.

-Iverson Mall-Prince George's County

-Mayfair Gardens/Paradise Communities-DC

-Montgomery College-Takoma Park/Silver Spring

The Dunn Foundation would like to THANK all of its supporters, volunteers and sponsors who helped to make this year's turkey giveaway a success.

The Dunn Foundation has now provided over 6,000 families with a free turkey for Thanksgiving.

"Working Together to Change the World" 

The Dunn Foundation provided over 600 families 

with a free turkey at Iverson Mall for its drive-thru with over 200 cars.

The Dunn Foundation then headed to Mayfair Gardens in Washington, DC and provided 100 families with a free turkey. 

The Dunn Foundation provided over 150 turkeys for students at Montgomery College.

Thank You! to all of our supporters.

The Dunn Foundation provided 150 college students 

at Montgomery College-Takoma Park/Silver Spring location 

with a turkey, sides and grocery store gift cards for Thanksgiving. 

"If we all do a little, we can help a lot"

The Dunn Foundation receives a donation from Chick-Fil-A of District Heights, (MD) 

for their annual turkey giveaway.

Chick-Fil-A also provided over 800 free food gift cards for every family who received a turkey.

Thank you for your continuous support.

The Dunn Foundation partnered with Paint Branch High School Football and Cheer teams 

to pack turkey bags and sides.

Paint Branch High School packed over 600 bags of turkeys and sides. 

Thank you for your support.

The Dunn Foundation partnered with Radio One stations: WKYS 93.9, Majic 102.3 and Praise 104.1 

during the annual turkey giveaway and to pass out turkeys at Montgomery Community College.

Radio One has partnered with The Dunn Foundation over the past ten years to media support.

Thank you for your support.

The Dunn Foundation 11th Annual Back-to-School Free Bookbag and Supplies Drive-Thru Giveaway was a huge success

The Dunn Foundation 

was featured on NBC News for providing over 1,000 free backpacks with school supplies for students in the Washington, DC/MD areas.

The Dunn Foundation partnered with Paint Branch HS Football and Cheerleading teams to pack over 1,000 bookbags, supplies and bags of fruit

The Dunn Foundation featured at Paint Branch High School on 

NBC News Morning Show

with Molette Green

The Dunn Foundation 11th Annual 

Back-to-School Free Bookbag and Supplies 

Drive-Thru Giveaway Volunteers

The Dunn Foundation 

partners with Ben's Chili Bowl

The Dunn Foundation partnered with the 

historic Ben's Chili Bowl 

providing free backpacks to DC area students in celebration of their 64th Anniversary

WIN A $100 Gas Card

The Dunn Foundation and Radio One

Relief at the Pump Campaign 

Listen to MAJIC 102.3-92.7 




*Win a $100 Gas Card


*Home of the Russ Parr Morning Show and Donnie Simpson Show

The Dunn Foundation 

Chick Fil-A for Homeless Veterans


The Dunn Foundation will be providing Chick Fil-A meals 

each week to the US VETS Homeless Shelter DC 

starting June 27, 2022

To donate:
Cash App:

$50-$100 donation

will help provide a free meal once a week

"Homeless and veterans should never be in the same sentence"

The Dunn Foundation 

 Homeless Veterans Initiative 

The Dunn Foundation has partnered with 

US Vets-DC/LA Homeless Veterans Shelter

If you are interested in becoming a partner

to help homeless veterans contact

"Homeless and veterans should never be in the same sentence"

The Dunn Foundation partners with Ben's Chili Bowl

 to provide community resources of support

The Dunn Foundation provided over 500 free Chick Fil A meals and snack bags to the homeless

Chick Fil-A for the Homeless Initiative

The Dunn Foundation has partnered Chick Fil-A (District Heights, MD location) to provide 500 free Chick Fil-A meals and snack bags, that will be handed out at 

So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E)

Saturday March 19, 2022 

71 Ost NW,

Washington, DC 

(S.O.M.E) is a daily feeding site that provides breakfast and lunch meals to the homeless population 

7 days a week/365 days a year. 

The Dunn Foundation, is an official nonprofit partner with S.O.M.E. has provided over 2000 free meals, masks, snacks, clothing items and more to the homeless population during the past year of the pandemic and provides year round programs to address homelessness in the Washington, DC region.

$25 will help provide a meal and snack bag for at least one homeless person

To Donate:

cash app: $DunnDF


The Dunn Foundation Annual Turkey Giveaway 

Over the past year during the pandemic The Dunn Foundation continued to provide free resources of support for families in the Washington, DC/MD/VA area with several drive-thru initiatives. 

Over the past ten years The Dunn Foundation Annual Turkey Giveaway provides families with a free turkey and sides for Thanksgiving. In 2021 despite the pandemic challenges, The Dunn Foundation was able to provide over 600 families with a free turkey and sides in two separate locations.  

In 2021 The Dunn Foundation reached a milestone of providing over 5,000 families with a free turkeys for Thanksgiving. This initiative started in 2011 when Dunn gave away one turkey to a family. It was the reaction he received from that family that changed his life forever. After realizing that a free turkey can lift a family's spirit, Dunn decided to work with his family and friends to start an annual event and the rest is history. 

The Dunn Foundation wants to THANK all of you for your continuous support, donations and volunteer efforts, this milestone couldn't have happened without the support of so many. 

"Working Together to Change the World"

The Dunn Foundation

The Dunn Foundation Annual Turkey Giveaway 2021 Photos

Working Together to Change the World

The Dunn Foundation 10th Annual Back-to-School Free Bookbags & Supplies Drive-Thru Giveaway

The Dunn Foundation has continued to provide families with support during the pandemic with several drive-thru events

The Dunn Foundation provided 1,000 children with free book bags, supplies and a bag of fruit during its Annual Back to School Free Giveaway.

Every child received a free book bag, supplies, Chick Fil-A free meal card and a Bag of Fruit. 

"It is because of the generous support from our family, friends and sponsors that we are all able to change the world thru giving"  -The Dunn Foundation

The Dunn Foundation teams with 

Paint Branch High School Football Team (MD)

The Paint Branch High School Football team packed book bags and filled them with school supplies for 800 students in the Washington, DC region for The Dunn Foundation 10th Annual Back to School Giveaway

The Dunn Foundation and partners supported over 300 families with a Drive-Thru Free Fruits and Vegetables Giveaway to help during the pandemic. 

The Dunn Foundation "MLK Day of Service" Photos

The Dunn Foundation MLK Day of Service

The Dunn Foundation is partnering with So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E) nonprofit organization to support MLK National Day of Service, Jan. 18, 2021 to pack hundreds of lunches for the homeless in Washington, DC. 

The Dunn Foundation has partnered with S.O.M.E. since 2004 to provide resources of support for over 1,000 homeless individuals and families. 

The Dunn Foundation partners and volunteers support homelessness in the Washington, DC area year-round with our Monthly Snack Bag Distribution.


To support or donate:

cash app: $DunnDF



To purchase items and have them shipped:

 click on this link

The Dunn Foundation Annual Free Turkey Giveaway 

The Dunn Family Foundation Annual Turkey Giveaway, each year provides over 600 families with a free turkey basket for Thanksgiving during the pandemic at Iverson Mall. The Dunn Foundation has provided over 3,000 families with free turkeys for Thanksgiving. 

To donate to The Dunn Foundation programs

cash app: $dunnfoundation


The Dunn Foundation Annual Turkey Giveaway Photos

The Dunn Foundation Annual Free Bookbag & Supplies Giveaway started with handing out a few bookbags to children in a community center. Over the past eight years we have been able to provide over 5,000 children with book bags, supplies, free Chick-Fil-A meals, haircuts, hair braiding, dental checks and more. 

It is because of the support from the many partners like Greenberg & Bederman, Chick Fil -A, Prince Georg's Continental Societies, Lifting As We Climb Foundation, NBC, The Rose Foundation, Iverson Mall, WPGC, Suitland Jazz Ensemble and the many other supporters. Without your support it couldn't happen.

We Thank You 

The Dunn Foundation Annual Free Bookbag & Supplies Giveaway 

Provided over 550 students with free backpacks, supplies, Chick-Fil-A meals, haircut and hairstyling vouchers to assist with online learning during the coronavirus epidemic 

The Dunn Foundation

provided fre